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Key Dates in the SAM-E Project
The success of every SAM Project depends on completing each project step within a fairly tight schedule.  The dates of each step for the SAM-Education Project are as follows:

Private School Sign-Up & Consultation Period
August 23 thru September 30

Carrier Negotiation Period
October 1 thru October 31

Solution Options & Pricing Presentation Period
November 1 thru November 30

Private School Installation Period
December 1 thru January 31


Join other private schools in the program that offers technology discounts to all.

Through a process called Super Aggregation Management, in which numerous individual buyers combine their demand in a competitive marketplace where the suppliers are aggregated and managed, is able to offer private schools significant savings on high-speed Internet and provide an augmentation of support to overworked or non-existent IT Staffs.

The Super Aggregation Management-Education (SAM-E) Project is broken into four easy steps: Private School Sign-Up & Consultation, Carrier Negotiations, Solution Option & Pricing Presentation, and Circuit Installation.

Private School Sign-Up & Consultation Period gathers and aggregates as much demand as possible. The more schools that participate, the more negotiating power we have with the carriers.  The type of demand is also important to the negotiation process. Through our consultation process, we are able to identify the type of aggregated demand that will be used to negotiate with the carrier. The Sign-Up & Consultation Period lasts for approx. 40 days, and is open to all private schools and associations looking to save on Internet.  If you know of others that would like to save, let them know - the more participants the better.

Carrier Negotiation Period takes the aggregation pool generated during the Sign-Up & Consultation Period and reaches out to the carriers to negotiate the lowest possible price. Our negotiation power is directly related to the number of schools that participate in the program. The greater the number of participating schools, the lower the price we can negotiate.

Solution Options & Pricing Presentation for Contracts works individually with each private school to discuss the success of the carrier negotiations and help identify the best carrier, solution, and price for each school.  If the school decides to proceed with the solution presented, then contracts with will be signed during this period.

Private School Installation Period and each private school will work directly with the carriers to coordinate and manage the entire installation process, from order to activation.Each school will be able to track the progress of their installations through our Installation Timeline within the Customer Portal.

More Details

How much does it cost?
Joining the aggregation pool is free.  After finishes the carrier negotiations, a representative from will reach out to each private school to discuss what solutions and pricing options are available.  At that point each school will decide to either continue using their current provider, while keeping their current rate, or to switch their service to at the rate negotiated with’s carrier partners. 

Can I keep my current provider?
If your current provider is a carrier partner, then you can keep your service with that provider through  In order to receive the savings that come from Super Aggregation Management, each school will need to become a customer of will then deliver high-speed Internet to your school through the network of one of our carrier partners.  All billing and customer support associated with the circuit will be through; delivery of the actual service will be done by one of the top carriers in the country.

What Internet providers does work with? works with all of the top-tier carriers in the U.S. including: AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Sprint, Time Warner Cable, Level 3, EarthLink, MegaPath, XO, Windstream, Zayo, and more.