Metro Ethernet (Metro E)

Metro Ethernet (Metro E)

Metro Ethernet service or Metro E is used to transfer data between 2 or more locations in a single metropolitan area. This service requires that each location be along a carrier’s metro fiber ring, which limits access to Metro E to businesses or universities in areas that have been targeted by Tier-1 and major network ISP’s as heavy data use territories. The key benefit with Metro E is that it is a substantially more economical way to transfer data between locations than other standards both from the service aspect and the equipment needed to terminate the service because it is a shared access medium.

Some of the key benefits of Metro E include:

  • The ability to connect several offices within a metropolitan area with an efficient and cost effective data transfer model.
  • Eliminates the cost of buying and managing ongoing premise-based firewall equipment.
  • The ability to prioritize traffic type.


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