Map Launch

It’s official. is live after weeks of hard coding.

What is is more than a website, it’s a platform to present ISP prices, Internet access options and availability based on address searches in an style. Additionally, will display real-world ISP performance stats. Bringing together real-time ISP prices and real-world ISP performance metrics to a free public website is a first. It’s a big project and this is the first step.

With the launch of the site, is the new Internet Services brand of is a free resource is a free resource to help bring transparency to Telecom. Are you paying too much for your Internet? Is your existing ISP the best option? Are you getting the speed and bandwidth you are paying for? These questions and many more we hope the platform can answer – and answer in real-time.

What is Next?
Over the coming weeks, we have a lot to do. We plan on adding 4G and wireless coverage, improve our DSL mapping, and roll out our pricing alert system.

We welcome your feedback and hope you find this tool helpful.

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