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Since 1999 Broadband, a division of USIP Communications, has utilized and perfected Super Aggregation Management (SAM), which is an industry leading procurement model that today enables over ten thousand small, medium, and enterprise level business customers to obtain communication services with pinnacle levels of support at the lowest possible cost. Key to the SAM model is Broadband’s unique and deeply integrated wholesale supply partnerships with the entire marketplace of US Tier-1 and Major Network providers. These partners include AT&T, Level 3, Qwest/CenturyLink, Verizon, Sprint, AboveNet, XO, TWTelecom, Earthlink, Megapath, and Time Warner Cable. The combination of supplier management and our compounding aggregation of demand deliver massive savings to our customers.

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“The real test is not what bells and whistles a company has, but when fires start how they are subdued. Broadband has routinely provided more than prompt responses – they have delivered proactive resolutions.”

Jeremy Finch
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