XO has been a partner of since 2004.  Together XO and have teamed to install over 700 circuits to businesses across the United States.

Facts about XO:

  • With roughly 1 million miles of metro fiber, and 19,000 route miles of nationwide inter-city fiber, XO has provided a partner with an extensive network to utilize.
  • Fully peered Tier-1 IP network with more than 100 private and public peering relationships.
  • More than 3,300 on-network buildings.
  • Multiple and geographically redundant dedicated connections to other Tier-1 Internet backbones, that allows data packets to and from the peering networks to reach their end destination quickly with a reduced rate of packet loss.


Since 2001 and AT&T have partnered together to install over 1,200 circuits to businesses and educational institutions throughout the United States.

Facts about AT&T:

  • AT&T offers one of the worlds most advanced and powerful global backbone networks, with up to 99.999% reliability.
  • AT&T offers business solutions that can reach 49 states.
  • Local exchange carrier status in 13 states, which allow them to provide local loop and carrier services over one network.
TW Telecom

TW Telecom

Originally, partnered with Time Warner Cable, TW Telecom focused on delivering IP services to business customers, carriers and governmental entities. In 1998, TW Telecom split from Time Warner Cable in order to establish themselves as a national provider on their own.

TW Telecom Facts:

  • Leading provider of managed networking solutions in 75 markets spanning 30 states and D.C.
  • One of the top 3 business Ethernet providers nationwide.
  • Over 7,700 lit buildings across nearly 25,000 fiber router miles.
  • Partnership with was established in 2010.


With the growth of cable applications as business services, has partnered with Spectrum to offer services on their national footprint.

Spectrum Facts:

  • Speeds ranging from 50Mbps download speeds up to 1Gbps – over hybrid fiber/coax network.
  • Scalable and customizable applications as primary business connections to backup solutions.
  • Easy installation, with quick turnaround times for superior efficiency.
Level 3/Global Crossing:

Level 3/Global Crossing:

Since 2004, and Level 3 have partnered to install over 200 circuits for businesses and educational institutions throughout the United States.

Facts about Level 3:

  • Tier-1 network with over 100,000 fiber miles.
  • Level 3 has a fiber based network, and is known as a “carrier’s carrier”, which is highlighted by providing service to nine of the top ten U.S. Internet Service providers.
  • Very aggressive with large data, multi-site opportunities.
  • Acquired Global Crossing in 2011, and has over 180 IP-enabled facilities.
  • Redundant, self-healing IP architecture keeps critical business applications up and running.




Sprint is an international Tier-1 network provider that has been a partner of since 2004.

Facts about Sprint:

  • Sprint’s offerings for Internet services reach 137 countries.
  • Circuit offerings that range from Fractional T1 to Gig access.
  • IP network backbone with network-to-network interface agreements at OC 192 levels.
  • Tier-1 network provider with 99.999% up time.


MegaPath and have partnered since 2003 to install over 800 circuits to business-Internet customers.

Facts about MegaPath:

  • Offers a nationwide network of facilities based infrastructure that provides business-class services.
  • MegaPath incorporated Speakeasy and Covad Communications network infrastructure in 2010.
  • MegaPath offers a nationwide, MPLS-enabled, all-optical IP network.
  • 235 metro markets throughout the US, 4,200 central offices with extended reach to all 50 states.
  • Fully meshed IP backbone allows for single hop domestic routing.


Since 2004, and CenturyLink have partnered to install over 2,600 circuits to businesses and educational institutions throughout the United States.

Facts about CenturyLink:

  • CenturyLink is the 3rd largest telecommunications company in the United States, providing broadband services to business customers through it’s advanced fiber-optic network.
  • CenturyLink is an S&P 500 company and included among the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations.
  • Acts as local exchange carrier in 18 states.
  • Acquired Savvis, Qwest and Embarq to provide one the most robust IP networks in the United States.

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