XO has been a partner of since 2004.  Together XO and have teamed to install over 700 circuits to businesses across the United States.

Facts about XO:

  • With roughly 1 million miles of metro fiber, and 19,000 route miles of nationwide inter-city fiber, XO has provided a partner with an extensive network to utilize.
  • Fully peered Tier-1 IP network with more than 100 private and public peering relationships.
  • More than 3,300 on-network buildings.
  • Multiple and geographically redundant dedicated connections to other Tier-1 Internet backbones, that allows data packets to and from the peering networks to reach their end destination quickly with a reduced rate of packet loss.

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“The real test is not what bells and whistles a company has, but when fires start how they are subdued. Broadband has routinely provided more than prompt responses – they have delivered proactive resolutions.”

Jeremy Finch
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