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5 responses to “T1 vs DSL: What is the difference?”

  1. ram

    Awesome way of explaining. Thanks 🙂

  2. Rob

    I know this article is old but I must say it was very well written and you did a fantastic job explaining the difference to the layman.

  3. BCH

    This is the way internet using cable works, not the way DSL works. With DSL each subscriber has a dedicated serice from there home to the DSlam. The distance between the subscriber and the DSlam effects the speed or rate the customer recieves, for instance a subscriber who is 20 meters may from the DSlam may get 12Mgb/s downstream while someone that is 3km away may get 6MGb/s. At the DSlam the DSL upstream ends (Downstream towards the subcriber starts) all the packets of information from each DSL line are sent to the internet over a highspeed facility today in most cases +1giga bit.

  4. Dsl tech

    Idk how many ways I can say your wrong about dsl it is a individual circuit from start to finish

    1. DSL research

      DSL tech – from the DSlam down individual circuits, above the DSlam, aggregated circuits.

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